Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kasai Baya Karu

Kagaz par manai likhna chaha
Par likh na paya,
Cihayi toh bahut thi
Par ekshar na jorh paya.

Kasai baya Karu en lafzo mai,
Joh kuda nai banaya
Aur aapni muskan na rokh paya.

Maaf karo mujhe bhaiyo
Mai aapnai aap ko rokh na paya.

Khoish toh bahut thi,
Khoish toh bahut thi,
Ki utar Lu unhe is kagaz par.
Par kud ko samet na paya.

Kagaz par manai likhna chaha
Par likh na paya,
Cihayi toh bahut thi
Par ekshar na jorh paya.

Monday, February 18, 2013

City of Angels

city of angels
And angel I found.
Eyes black shining diamonds.
Hairs like river flows.
What can I say about her
Words fall short of what I saw.
Blessed by lord as I saw.

Her lips red as cherry,
Skin as cream roll.
Nose though big but
Makes me do rock and roll.

Simple for sure
Dressed in white and purple
Makes her face glow more.
Height I guess is 5'6" and waist 34
But not so sure.

Asked her little space in her heart
To store my love for her
But as thought no place
House full it is so.

Sadly I return with her name stored.
Oh God I love her.
Memories of her is what I take
And no one can take them away from me anymore.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

India's Daughter - Amanat - For You (Jyoti / Nirbhaya)

Walking down the lane
Dogs barking, there eyes shining.
Stuck with sudden fear
Voices far away could be heard
She keeps walking
Her home few miles away.

Fear grows
As no one is there.
What will she do if something happens.

No place safe where can she go.
What has happened
Does anyone know.

Few drunk men
Hunting for women
Thinking to have fun
Dogs I call them
Dogs I call them.

For fun they spoil a life
Which was worth millions more then there lives.
But nothing to worry
As the place where they live
Is democratic and runs on money.

Girl what can I do
I feel bad what happened with you.
Wish I could change it all.
I'm sorry your dreams won't turn true.

Time to act and not just to sit and lay back.
We need to unite and help women in this time.

Do something and show you care
Cause if not today then remember your daughter walks down the lane.
And her home is just few miles away.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Innocent Child

Child sits on his bed
Praying to god to be there on 24 th night
Lights switched off
Pin drop silence
Only noise you can hear is of the snowfall outside

See the child how he prays
So innocently and from heart
He asks for big and not expensive
And gives reasons to have it.

He demands it from god
And does not give a promise as return gift
So innocent and pure at heart he is.

Sure that gods listening to him
And smiling from above
And writing it down as there is a long list that he wants.

His prayer ends and he sleeps
And knows that it will be done
But next time when he prays
He has a new thing to add on and
Tells god to make sure he gets all

O child with pure heart
You are blessed with innocence
I'm happy to see you and try to be like you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Called Father in Real Life

"He doesn't give you birth
But is the cause of your birth
If he is not there then you........"

The person called father
Some call him dad and some call him bad.
But if you don't have one then its sad and your bad.

He is there to help and to guide,
To rescue you from dangerous sights.
He try's to give you all advice
And try to make your life worth while.

Have you told that you love him,
If not then you must be out of your mind.

I don't have a father in my life
I know what it feels like.
Don't you hate him
You don't know what he's worth,
As you have him in full without a price.

I wish I had a father too
To whom I could go when I am in blues.
But what can be done
It's gods will and it can't be undone.

Cherish him in your heart
As it might be taken apart.
This is an advice
From a person who lost his prize called father in real life.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Like an Angel in my life

You came like an angel in my life
Filled colors which were bright
There were no sorrows
Everything was great and fine.

When you walked, It looked like
Princes came down from the sky's
Waited for you to say something
So that I could feel the breeze.

With you I learnt what it ment to be cool
And realized that all others to be fool.
I'm so happy to have you
Can't express my joy in words too.

Can't think of leaving you
This joy I want to contain in myself.
Don't want to share, Nor want it to part
Please be with me always
As I love you too.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Can't Take It Anymore


She looks beautiful when she pose
Though she got a big nose
I hate to tell her
That I can't be with her anymore.

I loved her to the core
Gave her what she ever thought for
Shared her tears, made her cheer
But is this what I get, I don't know
I can't take it anymore.

Me leaving her makes me sad
But I guess this is how it is to end
She be happy all her life
That’s what I prayed for.

Maybe when I will not be around
She might realize what I gave her
She might try to search for me
But I’ll be no where to be found.

This is the time for goodbye
Time for final prayer that I guess would be heard
God forgive me as I ask
Not for me but for her.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friends-Good and Bad

People have friends
Some Good some bad
It's hard to decide which one was that.
The one who said that ours is best
But left you alone when you needed her in your bad.
Now when she is gone
She might be in peace and rest
But you are left with nothing as you thought that she cared.
Heart says cal her back
And mind says give her a tight slap
Whom should I listen to
You please give some advice
Cause I can't decide.
Now I would like to say
Thank you for your time
As you might not be the best
But surely you are not like the rest.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Black or Green

Sky is high
Ocean is deep
Where is my dam phone
I can hear it beep.

Crow is black
Parrot is green
If you open your eyes
You can see.

He said you are right
And I am wrong
Can anyone tell
What I feel.

Some people go to Houston
Some people go to London
Where should I go
Where would I get the cream.

Her nose is long
Her hair are short
What color should she wear
Is it black or green.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ensam (Alone)

It was you that I wanted
It was you that I longed for
But what to do
You were here and
Now you are all gone.

I tried hard to get you
But in vain it was
As right now I am left alone
And you are all gone.

It was like touching the sky
which is so high
You get nothing in your hand
When you realize.

But if you are in love
And you tried real hard
You would know its worth a try
Before its all gone.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Love & Hate

I once was asked about love and hate
Why does it look to me that hate is great.
while hate is great but nothing like love
love which is true.

If you carry hate you would be carrying lots of weight
Love is light and with that you can also fly

With hate you could make the headline
But with love you could surely save someones life.

So it seems that hate is brave but love is kind
Choose one which you think would help you in time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lost Friend

Now when you are gone I feel the emptiness within me that can’t be filled.
No replacement I found.
All I ever wanted was you to stay next to me but now you are gone.
Gone and left me alone.
Alone in this cruel world which feels nothing.
People call me crazy and I know it true but who's to blame.
They are right.
Cause I found a diamond which was as soft and smooth as there wine.

They say that it's not possible but I say it was but now it's gone.
I can't prove it nor can the divine.
Oh God you should have been merciful on me and gave him extra life cause this is real life game and not some game from mad persons mind.
Look at his mother she is left with memories.
Memories that once made her laugh are now making her cry.
Look at his father he has grown old now with no shoulder to support or to cry on.
Look at the people who were there with him on his final journey, are left with unspoken words.
Even I had so much to say but you gave me no time.
You went like a super jet into the sky.
I wanted to pause but the remote was lost.
So I could not do anything except to stand and watch while you said goodbye.

My Friend

It was you I looked for when I needed an advice.
It was you I looked for when I needed support.
It was you I looked for when I needed a shoulder.
It was you I looked for when I needed a slap on my head.
It was you and you that I looked for.
You were right and you were somewhat right.
But now as you are gone, I am left alone.
Tell me O Dear Friend of mine.
Whom should I call, because I can’t find anyone now.

Should I go where you are resting?
Or some other place from where you are looking and testing.
I don't know what to do.

I know I promised you when I gave you earth that I’ll take care of everything.
But I need you now.
Please help me in this hour of need.
And I know you won't let me down.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Her Name

Each time I hear her name
But I don’t know why , it’s not the same
As it used to be
Back in the days when we were just friends.

I call it just friends
Cause she never showed,
Showed her love for me
Even when I wanted the most for her to say.

This love is very unfair
That’s what I can say
You give all, but
She never stays.

Even the tears are not worth wasting for her
Cause u’ll keep calling her name
But in the end it would not remain the same.

This one is not about her
It’s about you
Now even I won’t say,
Say that I love you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Once again she did the same
I don’t know why she is behaving in such a way
She says nothing, is what to me pains
Please, someone please tell her that she has changed and no more the same.